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Fix Podiatry, originally known as Sergio Gonzalez Podiatry, was founded in 2009. We are a family owned, community-minded business with 3 locations in the wider North Brisbane region.

We pride ourselves in delivering personalised customer service, meticulous care and outstanding results. Our ethos, at Fix Podiatry, is to identify and fix the root cause of lower limb problems instead of only treating symptoms.

As podiatrists, we are university trained health professionals which specialise in foot and lower limb health. We are registered and governed by AHPRA, the national health professional body, and members of the Australian Podiatry Association.

Our podiatrists stay current by attending several courses, workshops and conferences each year ensuring up-to-date perspectives, knowledge of lower limb conditions and treatments.

We deal with people of all ages from infancy through to the golden years. We believe in understanding our patients and their bodies, we rely on clinical expertise and attention to detail not just on technological gimmicks. We also believe that the feet do not operate independently of the body and vice versa, that is why we take great care in analysing the lower limbs from the hips down.

We are also aware that cooperation is sometimes necessary to achieve the best possible result which is why we foster working relationships with surrounding health professionals. We provide education sessions for GPs, allied professionals and the greater community.

It is this understanding that will continue to set us apart and deliver the results that our patients deserve.

Sergio Gonzalez


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