Finch Therapy

Finch therapy is a therapy used to realign the body, specifically the focusing on the pelvis. It is non-invasive and doesn’t involve any mobilization or manipulation of joints.

Finch Therapy works by simply identifying an underactive muscle and doing a simple exercise to ‘switch it back on’. When the muscle is switched on, it then pulls on the pelvis in the direction it is supposed to and so realigns the pelvis.

The pelvis links the spine and the legs. For this reason, Finch therapy is a useful tool for the management of back pain as well as hip, leg and foot pain and can help to identify leg length discrepancies and differentiate between whether it is function or structural. By improving the alignment of the pelvis, we reduce abnormal loading and so strain on the back muscles. Correcting the alignment then also reduces any false differences in leg length and so reduces the load and strain on the lower limb muscles too. By improving the loading of muscles, the movement of joints may also be improved.

As a whole, by improving the alignment of the pelvis, Finch therapy is a useful tool in reducing aches and pains and improving function. It is commonly combined with other podiatry treatment strategies to achieve the best result for you that we can.

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