Footwear advice

Choosing a shoe can be hard. There are so many styles, brands, shapes, sizes and prices. And to make matters worse, while a shoe may look good quality, it may not offer you enough support.

But don’t worry! Use these 5 steps to cover the basics in choosing the right shoe for you.

Step 1: Choose a shoe with a slight heel rather one that is completely flat.

Step 2: Check where the shoe bends. It should bend at the ball of your foot only.

Bending half way down the shoes is a no-no.

Step 3: Check the back of the shoe. It should hold pretty firm against you pushing and squeezing it

A flexible back is a no-no

Step 4: The shoes should not be able to be twisted.
a Flexible shoe that can be twisted is a no-no

Step 5: Try it on and make sure it is comfortable for you. Try both shoes on as one foot is often bigger than the other.

No one shoe is the best shoe. The brand or make is irrelevant so long as it fits your foot, is comfortable and passes all the steps on this checklist. Try a few on to be sure.

Make sure it is long enough and wide enough for your foot. Allow for a thumbs width of space beyond your longest toe. Many specialty shoe shops offer the same shoes in different width options, try asking for the same shoe but in a wider width if you need to.

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